Gospel music

Gospel music dates all the way back to the early 17th century, and its transcendent hymns and sacred sounds still carry the history of African-American spirituals and work songs to this day.

With lyrics centered on call and response and repetition, gospel music can help express personal and group religious beliefs in an uplifting way. Our wide range of includes several sub-genres, like choir, instrumental, traditional, urban and contemporary, and southern. Now you can have the physical CDs or vinyl records for your own personal collection, and you can listen to your favorite songs wherever you can access your Cloud Player. When you want to a specific format to listen to the spirit, you can choose from our vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, digital formats, and DVD audio too.

You can even search our gospel music page by new releases, including brand new, 90 days old, and upcoming albums available for pre-order. We also offer a huge range of editions, so you can pick everything from main albums, singles and EPs, live albums, imports, limited editions, box sets, and compilations.

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Gospel music

Shop by category. Top rated See more Previous page. Next page. Hot new releases See more Previous page. Most wished for See more Previous page. Best Seller See all Previous page. Most gifted See more Previous page. The Return Currently unavailable. Encore Audio CD. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.Gospel musica genre of American Protestant music, rooted in the religious revivals of the 19th century, which developed in different directions within the white European American and black African American communities of the United States.

Over the decades, both the white and black traditions have been disseminated through song publishing, concerts, recordings, and radio and television broadcasts of religious services. In the later 20th century, gospel music developed into a popular commercial genre, with artists touring worldwide. White gospel music emerged from the intersection in the19th and early 20th centuries of various European American musical traditions, including Protestant Christian hymnodyrevival-meeting spiritualsand assorted popular styles.

This musical combination yielded a form that—despite many developments—has maintained some distinct qualities.

Praise Be! The Best Gospel Songs Of All Time

The music is generally strophic in verses with a refrain, and its texts typically depict personal religious experiences and stress the importance of salvation. Most of the repertoire is set in a major key and is arranged in four-part harmony—similar in style to barbershop singing —with the melody in the top voice. Early gospel hymns had a relatively straightforward rhythmic and harmonic structure using three basic chords: I, IV, and Vbut as the tradition absorbed more influences from popular musicboth its rhythmic and its harmonic vocabulary expanded.

In the first decades of the 19th century, gospel songs were transmitted through Sunday-school hymnbooks. Among the most widely used song collections during this period were those compiled by Lowell MasonWilliam B.

Fanny Crosby was the leading writer of gospel hymn texts. After the American Civil War —65the Sunday-school repertoire was appropriated and expanded to serve the Protestant revival movement, especially in urban areas. Singer and composer Phillip D. Bliss was among the most important figures in this endeavour, as were evangelist Dwight L.

Moody and his musical collaborator Ira D. Together, Moody and Sankey employed the Sunday-school hymns and new gospel compositions in their church services as major instruments of edification and conversion, thus playing a critical role in the establishment of gospel music as a legitimate means of ministry.

Largely through the work of evangelists such as Billy Sundayworking with musicians such as Charles McCallom Alexander and Homer Rodeheaver, the music acquired a more upbeat character. The organ was replaced by the piano, which in turn was joined by other instruments.

The vocal component of the music also took on a more demonstrative, lively quality, with lyrics that conveyed a more positive message. In the second half of the 20th century, gospel hymnody again played a major role in a Protestant religious revival, becoming even more heavily influenced by popular styles and employing greater harmonic variety.

In urban areas the popularized gospel music emerged as the foundation of many Protestant services—especially in BaptistMethodistPresbyterianand various fundamentalist churches. The most productive composer of this new gospel repertoire was John Willard Peterson, while Billy Graham was the most prominent—and internationally recognized—evangelist of the period.

In the rural Southgospel gained a new identity as a type of popular country musicsometimes called country gospel, that was both practically and stylistically a fully secular tradition not intended for use in churchwith such exponents as the Oak Ridge Boys and the Statler Brothers.

Such secularized gospel music continued to enjoy a wide audience in the 21st century, through the work of many other artists, among the most notable of whom are the Lewis Family, Patti Sandy, Pat Booneand Dolly Parton.

The tradition that came to be recognized as black American gospel music emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries alongside ragtimebluesand jazz.West, J. Gwin, B. Bell, A. Butts, C. Eubanks, C. West, Brian AllDay, F. Vindver, A. Lopez, Timbaland K. West, B. Miller, F. Lopez, T. Mosley, T.

gospel music

Thornton, G. Thornton, R. East, V. Boyd, C. Farias Gomez. West, F. Vindver, T. Thornton, A. Mosley, J. Jenks, J. Gwin, D. Watkins, R. East, K. West, E. Vax, F. Vindver, BoogzDaBeast K. Mast, F. Vindver, J. Gwin, J.With this great app you can now enjoy the best gospel music without interruptions no matter where you are if at work, office, car, vacation you will always enjoy your favorite music. So don't wait any longer and download the application right now gospel songs, gospel music, gospel lyrics, gospel radio, music, gospel, black gospel, christian music, christian gospel music Where you can listen to your favorite radio stations by category.

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gospel music

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Praise and Worship Gospel Music 2020 - Top 100 Best Christian Gospel Songs Of All Time

Black Gospel Music - Worship.Mahalia Jackson, a singer with one of the finest voices in this history of gospel music, did full justice to this joyous spiritual from Her moving version even reached the Billboard charts, a strong showing for a gospel single at the time when Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis were dominating the rankings.

However, there is a striking version of the song, written by the Baptist minister William Herbert Brewster in the 40s, which was recorded by Marian Anderson, the celebrated contralto singer from Philadelphia. Many of the best gospel songs lent themselves to jazz interpretations. The song, which is full of searing Biblical imagery, has been recorded by hundreds of leading musicians, including Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash and Van Morrison.

Nat King Cole sang it regularly at concerts. This modern gospel gem easily makes the list of Best Gospel Songs Of All Time, and was penned speedily while soul singer Sam Cooke was on his way to a recording session with his group The Soul Stirrers. The single reached No. In Junean all-star charity version was released to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster in London. This haunting gospel spiritual tells the biblical story of Mary Of Bethany and her pleas to Jesus to raise her brother Lazarus from the dead.

Louis Armstrong brought emotion and depth to this powerful spiritual song, written during the period of slavery and published in The song has been popular with other jazz musicians, and among noted cover versions are those by Harry James and, more recently, Dr John, in his tribute album to Satchmo. Shea appeared live in front of hundreds of millions of people in his career as a singer with preacher Billy Graham.

Some of what we think of as the best gospel songs actually began life outside of the church. It was a tune Nina Simone would have heard at her local church, where she was the pianist from an early age. She would sometimes perform live versions of the song that lasted nearly 15 minutes.

Among the remarkable performances is her version of this hymn by the English 18th-century hymn writer and poet William Cowper. This gospel standard, which was written by the influential gospel composer Thomas Andrew Dorsey, has been covered by numerous leading musicians, including Little Richard and Elvis Presley.

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gospel music

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gospel music

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